Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below are considered standard and apply to all sales unless otherwise stated in writing from Southern Jet Limited.


1.1 In these Terms unless the context otherwise requires: Coming Soon.

“Business Day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a statutory public holiday in New Zealand.

“Customer” means the person named as the Customer above. “Seller” means the person named as the Seller above.

“Contract” means each contract for the supply of the Goods by Seller or any Related Company of Seller or any customer’s representative, which shall include these Terms, any document evidencing or describing, whether by item of kind or otherwise, the Goods, which is produced or put forward by Seller, and the provisions of the quotation (where the contract arises from the quotation by Seller) or the provisions contained in Sellers confirmation of an order (where the contract arises from written acceptance by Seller of an order by customer).

“Customer’s Representative” means each employee, agent, related company, or contractor of the customer.

“Default” means an event listed in clause 10.1

“Goods” means all packaging and process machinery and/or equipment includes all other goods or property which, in each case, are supplied by Seller or any Related Company of Seller to Customer or any Customer’s Representative and, for the avoidance of doubt, in each case includes all such goods or property so supplied:

(a) Whether or not described by item or kind that enables them to be identified; (b) Which are or comprise, or which are capable of being or comprising, inventory of Customer.

“PPSA” means the Personal Property Securities ACT 1999. “Related Company” has the meaning in section 2(3) of the Companies ACT 1993(read as if the expression “company” in the subsection included any body corporate and/or partnership.)